Brass Chevron Wrist Cuff, Gold Hand Formed Artisan Cuff

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This amazing cuff is made to be worn with the opening on the top of the arm, with the chevron pointing down to the hand. It is very comfortable and fits close to the wrist. It is made with a lighter gauge metal so it is light weight, not clunky and heavy.

This cuff measures 2 inches at the back and about 2 3/4 inches at the opening.

To wear this cuff, you can slide the opening on the narrow part of your forearm, then turn it so that the chevron is on top and then gently squeeze for a perfect fit.

This bracelet started out as a sheet of metal and after I drew the shape on it I cut it and then shaped it over special forming stakes with special hammers. It was then tumbled and hand finished all by me.

Because each cuff is individually hand made, yours will vary slightly from the photo. Each cuff is stamped with my maker's mark, and is a great gift for under $40.00

Please take the time to measure your wrist for a better fit.

Small fits wrists 6" or less
Medium if your wrist is up to a 7 inches
Large if your wrist is up to 8 inches
Xlarge if your wrist is between 8 and 9 inches

I have used an anti tarnish product on this piece, but everyone reacts differently to metals. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that this will remain tarnish free. But you can use a metal polish if you don't like the patina or you can easily polish it with a lemon wedge and some salt and then wash in warm water.

Because this cuff is hand crafted yours will vary slightly from the photos.

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