Super Wide Brass Cuff, Artisan Crafted Gold Cuff

$ 45.00

This fantastic hammered cuff is the one that you need if you like extra wide. It is that arm band that everyone will want. I created this from nu gold brass sheet, cut the dimensions and hammered and annealed it until it was perfectly formed.

It fits rignt above the wrist bone, and is tapered on the arm for a great fit. You just need to give it a squeez around your arm. The metal is hard but springy so that it can easily go back to its shape.

This fabulous cuff is 3 inches wide.

Small size is for a 6 inch wrist or less

Medium size is up to a 7 inch wrist

Large size is up to an 8 inch wrist

Xlarge if it is up to 9 inches

This cuff is protected with a special wax to prevent tarnish.

Because each cuff is individually hand made, yours will vary slightly from the photo. Each cuff is stamped with my maker's mark.