Thin open bangle set of 5, hand hammered tribal cuff bracelets, modern tribal bangles

$ 24.00

Inspired by the Bedouin tribal women of Jordan, this set of 5 open bangles is a must have for your bracelet collection. There are 2 round wire bangles and 3 square wire bangle. Each one is hand hammered and textured differently to create interest and sparkle.

Each of the bangles is stamped with my maker's mark and hand finished for smoothness and comfort. A great gift for under $30.00.

To find you size, measure your hand by bringing your little finger to your thumb and then measuring around the hand with a cloth measuring tape or a string.

These bangles are not closed so they will have some give, but not much.

The nickel silver will not tarnish but the brass, copper and bronze will get a patina. If you don't care for that you can use any metal polish to shine them back up.

Because each cuff is individually hand made, yours will vary slightly from the photo. Each cuff is stamped with my maker's mark