Tanzanite and sapphire hoop earrings set in solid silver

$ 310.00

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Beautiful hand cut Tanzanite earrings set in solid silver and featuring a large opaque faceted sapphire. Gorgeous, exotic earrings to wear everyday and a great gift for her.

Each earrings features two circles of Tanzanite joined with a sterling silver twisted circle. The Tanzanites are 4 mm hand faceted roundels and each earring contains a total of 87 Tanzanites. These gemstones display the pleochroic properties of Tanzanite, so they can display a blue violet from one direction are a light blue from the other direction.

The opaque sapphire at the top of the earring is a roundel cut and measures 8 mm x 11 mm.

Earring measurements:

length: 3.5 inches, 9 cm

width: 1.5 inches, 4.5 cm 

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Since I am a graduate gemologist, I have my own small laboratory and identify each gemstone. I was trained by GIA and I stand by my knowledge. All of the gemstones that I use in my designs are genuine.

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