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Springtime is the Season For Silk Mohair Posted on 24 Feb 10:15

Springtime is the perfect season to wear silk mohair shrugs and sweaters. With its ability to take vibrant color dyes, silk mohair gives you the opportunity to brighten up your day, especially after a long cold winter.

Silk mohair is a textile that is very lightweight, not itchy and has a romantic feel. When it is crocheted or knitted into garments it has a transparent quality that is fashion-forward and also reminiscent of times gone by.

I love working with this luxurious yarn. It has a wonderful hand and creates a slight halo around the garments. 

One of my favorite garments to make is shrugs. The style that is my favorite, covers the arms and upper back and does not close in the front. This keeps your arms warm or allows you to wear sleeveless tops and still cove your arms without covering up your outfit. I usually knit these shrugs in lace and crochet the borders in a lace stitch as well.

Here are some examples of this shrug style

Light pink silk mohair shrug


pink lace mohair shrug

 Purple lace silk mohair shrug

purple lace mohair shrug

lemon yellow lace shrug


I make other shrug styles, still with "bracelet friendly" sleeves which are set in. The sweaters are a  bit longer. They go to the waist and they close in front, like a cardigan.

Here are some examples:

Kelly green Silk Mohair Cardigan

kelly green silk cardigan

Hot Coral silk mohair tie front cardigan

orange mohair wrap cardigan

Hot pink silk mohair cardigan

 hot pink mohair cardi

Light green silk mohair cardigan

light green mohair cardi


All of these fabulous sweaters are hand knit. They are hand washable and truly lovely. Stand out from the crowd in luxurious silk mohair.

Fashion-forward and yet romantic. Is this your vibe?

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Happy shopping!