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10 Unique Handmade Metal Jewelry by PZM Designs Posted on 15 Apr 13:24

unique handmade metal jewelry

Jewelry has always been a way to show wealth, love, and possession. However, in the modern world, most jewelry and accessories have been about celebrating our individuality and uniqueness. This new attitude towards jewelry has spurred countless creative individual jewelers to create extraordinary and unique designs, especially with handmade metal jewelry.

Jewelry has evolved with our technology, getting sucked into the era of mass production and finally finding itself in 3D printers. However, there has been an “Arts & Craft” movement bringing back the individual jeweler and metalsmith to the forefront. Despite technology being an excellent tool, it lacks the warmth and soul of human hands.

At PZM designs, every piece of jewelry and knitwear were designed, shaped and crafted in-house by hand. The metal used is of the highest quality and sourced from verified and trusted merchants. And while there is countless metal jewelry in the store, here are 10 unique handmade metal jewelry you won’t find anywhere else:

unique handmade metal jewelry, copper shield ring

Copper Shield Ring, Hand Hammered and Adjustable – Price $32

This copper shield ring is handcrafted, and hand hammered over specialized stakes. It’s very light, comfortable, and highly polished for the perfect occasion. It would go very well with one of our cuffs, and since each one is made to order it might look slightly different than the picture.

It will fit size 7.5 – 11.5, but if you need it smaller, send us an email letting us know. Purchase it here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, Handmade Metal Silver Necklace

Handmade Metal Silver Necklace – Price $53

This gorgeous and unique handmade metal jewelry necklace is based on the shape of lightning. Wear the power of the gods around your neck and evoke the goddess within you. Entirely conceptualized and handcrafted by PZM Designs, this necklace is sure to impress even your most unimpressible friends and family.

It is so light, you can hardly feel that it is one, but don’t let that fool you; it is made from the finest German silver and will not tarnish. This beautiful example of handmade metal jewelry is one of a kind and usually ships the next day. You can purchase it here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, asymmetrical necklace, silver collar necklace

Asymmetrical Necklace | Silver Collar Necklace – Price $42

Science says that symmetry is one of beauty’s core features. But that does not apply to this stunning asymmetrical necklace. Conceived and handmade by PZM Designs, you won’t find anything quite like this excellent piece of handmade metal jewelry.

This necklace is made from the highest quality nickel silver, so it will not tarnish and is extremely light to wear. Every piece of this silver collar necklace was individually cut out, hammered, then tumbled for a beautifully shiny finish.

We usually ship the next day, so make sure you get this before it gets sold out here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, asymmetrical necklace, brushed gold necklace

Asymmetrical Necklace | Brushed Gold Necklace – Price $42

Another beautifully designed asymmetrical necklace, but this time using brushed gold brass metal. Each piece you see is individually cut and formed using particular jeweler's tools, then hand finished and brushed giving you that beautiful glow you see pictured.

Like most of the handmade metal jewelry found in the store, each one is one-of-a-kind. So hurry up and claim this one here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, copper cuff bracelet

Copper Cuff Bracelet – Price $42

This is one of those unique handmade metal jewelry pieces that not many jewelers can pull off, but PZM Designs has perfected the art of handcrafting many different cuff bracelets and armbands. This copper cuff bracelet is an excellent example of a deceivingly simple design that will communicate your uniqueness and great taste.

This cuff bracelet is made from pure copper and is designed to order, so make sure you accurately measure your wrist. You can purchase your one of a kind bracelet here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, silver cuff bracelet

Silver Cuff Bracelet – Price $45

The title "Silver cuff bracelet" is an oversimplification of this intricately curved handcrafted cuff. Conceived and designed by PZM Designs, this bracelet is handmade to order but only comes in one size. However, it is adjustable. It has been hand-hammered then brought to a beautiful shine and polish.

Unique handmade metal jewelry is hard to come by, but there are plenty in the store. You can purchase this one here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, sterling silver choker necklace

Sterling Silver Choker Necklace – Price $43

When it comes to creating unique handmade metal jewelry, one must dig deep and find inspiration. This sterling silver choker necklace grabs inspiration from tribal jewelry and was created from one sheet of silver metal. As always, hand-forged and shaped, made from non-tarnish nickel silver, and very lightweight.

“This necklace started out as a sheet of metal. I hand drew the designs on the metal and cut them out, hammered them to give them shape and strength and then they went in to the tumbler for more strength and shine. The final step was to hand file the pieces before I assembled them into this fabulous necklace.” – PZM Designs.

Grab this necklace here before anyone else!

unique handmade metal jewelry, wonder woman cuff

Wonder Woman Cuff – Price $60

It’s not a surprise watching the rise of CosPlay in the world, especially that it is coinciding with the rise of huge blockbuster superhero movies, such as Wonder Woman. And although PZMDesigns has always been making forearm cuff bracelets, there has been an increased in demand for these wonder woman cuffs.

This design is made to look like a stack of bracelets, but it is only one cuff and is very lightweight. Made from the most beautiful brass then finished off with a nice bright shine. You can purchase this particular wonder woman cuff here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, gemstone cuff bracelet

Gemstone Cuff Bracelet – Price $80

Some of us just like to be a little strange and unique. The term boho means socially unconventional, and that perfectly describes this gemstone cuff bracelet. Unlike other PZM Designs, this one is not lightweight because of the gemstones being showcased by the wire wrapping.

This piece features a sizeable unakite gemstone, freshwater pearls, and pink aventurine quartz. The metal used for the wire wrapping is pure silver nickel. There is only one of these in existence, so make sure to purchase it here.

unique handmade metal jewelry, brass necklace

Brass Necklace – Price $45

Want to impress and make a statement? Then this gold brass necklace is for you. Originally conceived and designed by PZM Designs, this brass necklace was made from one sheet of pure brass. It is perfect for formal events and goes really well with a black or white dress.

As you can see, it has been folded and twisted to a form the shape of a ribbon giving it a three-dimensional design that is undoubtedly to garner many compliments. You can purchase this stunning brass necklace here.

There are much more unique handmade metal jewelry in the store. Feel free to browse and see which piece speaks out to you. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us here. PZM Designs continually creates new designs, so make sure to follow us on social media for any new arrivals.


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