Amethyst, February Birthstone and Gemstone of Royalty Posted on 4 Feb 07:57

Amethyst is the Zodiacal Stone for Aquarius and the birthstone for the month of February. Amethyst was the most prized member of the quartz family for centuries and was considered as an equal to ruby, emerald and sapphire.

Russia was the main source of amethyst but at the turn of the 20th century, deposits were discovered in Brazil. Now the once rare stone became more plentiful and more affordable of the transparent gems.

Today, Africa is the major source of the finest amethyst and South America is a source of the lighter colored stones. Brazil is the continent's major source of commercial quality amethyst where the rough (uncut stones) is larger in size and paler in color.

Better quality amethysts are usually eye clean are usually faceted. Stones with inclusions will be cut in to cabochons or beads.

Amethyst as well as other colored quartz gemstones may show color banding. This is due to the way that the crystal grows, where the intense colors are found near the tips of the crystals.

amethyst necklace collection

Amethyst colors range from vibrant reddish purple, to lighter shades of purple, pink and lilac. The finest amethyst color is a stone reddish purple or purple with no visible color banding. You may find these stones set with diamonds in gold or platinum.

Here is a gorgeous pink amethyst with the trade name of "Rose de France"

Even if Amethyst isn't your birthstone, you may still be in love with its purple warmth. According to lore, amethyst breeds loyalty in its wearer. Amethyst is a stone of great healing and protection. In Arabic tradition, amethyst was the stone for Aquarius, as it is today. It represents transformation on the path to awareness. It is a purifier and amplifier of healing and spiritual energies.

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