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What is a Circle Shrug? Posted on 30 May 15:52

Crochet Circle Shrugs

The first question: What is a shrug? My interpretation of it, is a sweater that goes over your back and arms and stays open in the front and sometimes, depending on the style, shrugs can be closed in the front with a button or your favorite shrug pin. My shrugs are all hand crocheted and conceptualized by me.

The circle shrug begins as a small circle in the center of the back which increases as the circle gets bigger and bigger. The sleeves are off-set so that the garment can be longer, or shorter in the back, depending on how you wear it.

crochet circle shrug

Depending on the final weight that you want your shrug to be, the choice of yarn is endless. Sometime I like to make them all one color with a decorative edging of a different yarn, or even a fancy, furry yarn. If I use a finer gauge yarn, the shrug will have a transparent effect. These are great for  warmer climates.


I can put patterns in the circles for more interest like in this silk mohair shrug.

If I use a bulky yarn, it will keep you warm and toasty, in style. I even have shrugs with sequins that twinkle in the light.

Sometimes I like to use yarns of different textures and colors. The sleeves can be long, with a slight bell, or a bracelet friendly length and sometimes I trim the edges in a colorful faux fur. The longer sleeves can be turned up for an adorable cuff style.

The really fun thing about these shrugs is that you can wear them in a short length with an oversized shawl collar, or flip them over and wear them long with a shorter collar.

Whimsical and eclectic, these shrugs are not for the shy. They make a statement! Check out my website for more choices: