The World's 5 Best Selling Gemstones Posted on 11 Dec 17:37

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Gemstones are truly magical. Humans have been fascinated by these beautiful earth-born rocks for centuries. That is why myths and folklore have developed around many of them. According to Diane Morgan, author of Gemlore, she writes that the names of Angels were once inscribed in magical gemstones in addition to incantations.

These were forbidden in 492 when the First Council of Rome forbid the use of gemstones in this manner. However, St. Thomas Aquinas eventually permitted this practice, as long it was not used for evil purposes.

She also writes, “A century and a half ago Madame Barrera wrote, ‘The more jewels, the more guardian spirits; and, surely, very safe may be deemed the fair one whose form is encompassed by angels.”

So, as we can see, there has been a very magical relationship between humans and gemstones. Even today, they bring out a sense of wonder when examining these precious and semi-precious stones. These days they are given as gifts to show love and affection or to show possession when it comes to diamond engagement and wedding rings.

There is a global market that deals with gemstones, the USGS keeps track of what gemstones are mined where in the US, but to find out what are the bestselling gemstones globally, we must consult a large auction house, such as Gem Rock Auctions

Their findings are very interesting, and we will list the world's 5 bestselling gemstones in ascending order.

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5. Ruby - King of Precious Stones

Ruby gets its name from the Latin word “ruber” which means red. According to Diane Morgan, Ruby was named ratnaraj, meaning “king of precious stones.” The Indians also believe that God first created rubies, then man to wear it. Also, according to Morgan, it is associated with the heart chakra and means unexpected guests, joy and good luck if one dreams of it.

Ruby is one of the world’s rarest precious stones. It even costs more per carat than diamonds. At PZM Designs, I love working with Rubies and make sure that I take great care when designing and placing it in my handmade jewelry pieces. For example, look at these Black Spinel and Ruby Tassel Earrings. In fact, most of the world’s most famous rubies are actually spinels.

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4. Tanzanite - An Overnight Sensation

Tanzanite gets its name from the only country that it is mined in; Tanzania. It is not as rough as Ruby or Sapphire, and it is relatively new to the gemstone scene. It was actually Tiffany & Company that named the gemstone, and it became popular overnight. Its colors range from blue to purple/violet and is transparent.

If you are a fan of the Tanzanite gemstone, then you would love these Tanzanite and sapphire hoop earrings set in solid silver. These are beautiful hand-made earrings that are sure to make a wonderful gift.

3. Diamond - The Luminous Being

Surprisingly, Diamonds do not top the list. These beautiful gemstones are made of pure carbon formed in ancient volcanoes under extreme heat. The name probably comes from Sanskrit, “dyu”, meaning luminous being. It is the world’s hardest mineral and can only be cut by other diamonds.

I do not use diamonds in my handmade jewelry since it will increase the price of my pieces significantly. But, feel free to browse my shop for other great handmade gemstone jewelry

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 2. Garnet - The Magic Bullet

At number 2 of the world's best selling gemstones is Garnet. The origin of the name comes from pomegranate, which shares the same color of the gemstone. It is a very diverse stone and comes in 15 different varieties, of which only 5 are used as gemstones. It is formed the same way that diamonds are formed, and are used by prospectors as a clue that diamonds are nearby.

I love using Garnet and have plenty of handmade garnet jewelry that you can browse here. More specifically, check out this Three Strand Red Garnet Bracelet.

1. Sapphire - Stone of the Heavens

At number one, with the most sales according to Gemrock Auctions is Sapphire. Sapphire is the second hardest mineral and is made of crystallized aluminum oxide. It is not exactly known where it gets its name. Some say is from the Greek “sappheiros”, others say that it comes from the Hebrew “Sappir” or gem. There are sources that say sapphire got its name from the Sanskrit word “sanipriya” which means “dear to the planet Saturn.” This clear-blue gemstone is associated with the heavens.

I have designed a pair of gorgeous handmade gemstone earrings that include both Tanzanite and Sapphire. Just look at these Tanzanite and sapphire hoop earrings set in solid silver. A beautiful combination and a perfect gift.

I, like many other individuals, am fascinated by gemstones and precious stones. That’s why I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist and hand-forge all my pieces. That means that I inspect every gemstone that I placed into my jewelry, and take great care so that my customers get the best, yet affordable handmade gemstone jewelry.

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