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3 Ways to Use Shawls to Improve Your Life Posted on 10 May 11:15

shawl, prayer shawl, evening shawl, meditation shawl

I love knitting and creating shawls, ponchos, and cowls / Infiniti scarves. When I am not knitting, I feel anxious, and that something is missing. Knitting is a very relaxing activity, as it involves repetitive motion which relaxes the mind and allows us to think clearly. It’s just like when we are in the shower; the sound of the water relaxes the mind allowing “shower thoughts” to come in; my best ideas have always come from my shower time.

A fantastic parallel to the act of knitting being a kind of meditation is the different ways that people use shawls to comfort themselves. Not only can shawls be beautiful, warm, and comforting, but they have been used throughout the ages in many different religious ceremonies.

shawl, prayer shawl, evening shawl, meditation shawl

Prayer Shawls

Although prayer shawls can sometimes be controversial, like the many times women have been detained for wearing prayer shawls at the Western Wall. Prayer shawls have been used to heal the sick. This process of having a group of people focus their prayer on a shawl has been known to do wonders for the recipient.

Traditional science has not been able to prove or quantify that prayer works. However, we all know that prayer does have the power to heal. Almost all religions use some kind of shawl in their ceremonies. From Buddhist and Baptists to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, shawls are a symbol of holiness and piety.
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shawl, prayer shawl, evening shawl, meditation shawl

Meditation Shawls

As I previously mentioned, the act of creating a shawl is very relaxing and puts the mind in a state of meditation. Many people use shawls to help them meditate better and enter a deeper state of relaxation. The feeling of something warm wrapping around your body gives you the feeling of one giant hug. It also gives you a sense of isolation, yet not a cold one, but a comforting one. Many Yogis and Tibetan Monks wear their traditional shawls to help with their meditation.

Comfort Shawls

In a secular sense, shawls are merely comforting. We all deserve our little space to retreat and do what we like. Whether that is reading a magazine or book, or watching our favorite episode – all while drinking a glass of our favorite wine – doing while wrapped in a big warm comfort shawl will make that “retreat” so much better. It is essential to take a break from our hectic lives to maintain the balance needed for a healthy mind and body. Having the right tools to achieve that balance, such as an elegant handmade shawl, is just as important as making sure you put effort into relaxing. Here is one that just perfect for that occasion:

shawl, prayer shawl, evening shawl, meditation shawl


Shawls are also very practical to wear when wearing a dress on a cold night. They can wrap you up and protect you from the elements while you are outside, just like this beautiful one I designed and hand-knitted

shawl, prayer shawl, evening shawl, meditation shawl

I have been knitting for decades, and if you know me, you are bound to see me knitting anywhere that I am sitting and waiting for something. Whether it is at the doctor’s office, at a friend’s house, or relaxing at home, it is by far my favorite past time. I hope that my passion comes out in the knitwear that I create. Again, you can browse my collection here, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like me to make you a custom design.

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