Making a Bypass Ring for a European Tour Posted on 2 Oct 15:50

I was commissioned by by LA singer/songwriter, Emad Alaeddin, to make 10 commemorative rings for his most loyal European fans, as a gift on his upcoming European Tour. The tour will be held in Germany, Norway and London. He will be presenting his new CD, Love, Loss and the In-Between, as well as performing songs from his previous CD's. Emad wanted adjustable rings and asked me to stamp the rings with LOVE on one side, and LOSS  on the other.

This is how the project started, STEP 1 and 2

I traced the pattern of the ring on the silver sheet and cut them out. I had two sizes, small/medium and medium/large.

Here they are all cut out:

STEP 4, I then cleaned up the edges by filing and polishing.

STEP 5, I always stamp my logo, pzm, before anything else.

STEP 5, more hand finishing before I form them over the ring mandrel and stakes and then I stamp the logo of the new CD....LOVE on one side and LOSS on the other:




STEP 6, forming over the ring mandrel, forming on anti clastic stakes and hand finishing after tumbling the ring in stainless steel shot for 4 hours....

Here is the finished product. A beautiful hand made bypass ring with anticlastic edges for comfort.

You can Google Emad Alaeddin and check out his new CD, Love, Loss and the In-Between. He is a very talented singer who needs no auto tune, to make his voice sound better. He is one in a million.