Shop Ultra Violet, Color of the Year, at PZM Designs Posted on 7 Jan 10:20

Pantone has just announced Ultra Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year! PZM Designs has always loved this color and you can find it right here in our little shop.

amethyst tennis bracelet

Ultra Violet is the color of the 7th Chakra and is associated with meditation and mindfulness. Ultra Violet is a blue based purple color. Some shades of amethyst are considered to be ultra violet.

The early Greeks associated the purple color of amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine. There is also lore and beliefs that amethysts keep their wearers quick witted and clear minded.

Amethysts are members of the quartz family. They can become very large and the good stones are transparent and eye clean.

As a Graduate Gemologist I have hand picked some beautiful amethyst varieties for my jewelry designs. This statement necklace features three colors and cuts of amethyst. Take a look here.

This is a picture of the focal beads. These large amethysts are lilac in color and are faceted. 

The dark purple color of amethysts are usually found at the tips of the crystals.These small African amethysts have been hand faceted and feature the deep purple saturation of African amethysts. Check out this three strand necklace which features a solid sterling silver hand forged hook and eye closure. See it here.

Amethyst come in lilac shades too and some contain the white quartzite in them. These amethysts are called cape amethysts, in the trade. I have made a beautiful three strand bracelet with these beautiful stones. Check it out here.

Have a look at these cape amethysts.

three strand amethyst bracelet

And for brides who are using Ultra Violet as a color this season, we have an amazing silk mohair lace shrug, just perfect for the bride. Check it out here.

Here is a picture of the hand knit lace silk mohair shrug.

Whether you are a bride to be or just love purple come and take a peek in our shop.